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Getting started: Internet Gambling Article by People everywhere love to gamble. Every day, all over the world, millions of people from all different walks of life are hard at play, furiously counting and stacking their chips, throwing the dice, and dropping coins into slots. It’s almost a universal vice whose appeal has spread like a brush fire. In the United States alone, for example, the past 20 years has seen an unprecedented increase in both the popularity and social acceptance of gambling as a form of entertainment. What was once considered akin to the Devil’s work – completely banned in all but two states – has now exploded to include 48 states and generate revenues in excess of $60 billion a year, a staggering sum that’s greater than all of the money generated from spectator sports, theme parks, cruise ships and recorded music combined. But despite such enormous growth, the type of gambling available from one region to the next is, no pun intended, a craps shoot. While some places allow casino gambling, others restrict play to one of the more genteel varieties, such as charitable bingo and state-sanctioned lotteries. Considering these limitations, what’s a diehard blackjack player stuck just east of Nowheresville, USA supposed to do? Take a road trip, or hop on a plane bound for the nearest casino-friendly city for a night of gambling?

Not likely. Until science develops a method that allows people to instantly travel from one place to another at the touch of a button, such a thing is rarely, if ever, feasible. But in a way, science has done just that, hasn’t it? The Internet. And with its creation, players the world over now have access to multiple gambling forums at any time, from any place, simply by turning on a computer. Online gambling, also referred to as Internet gambling and I-gaming, is a recent phenomena. The next evolutionary stage of the gambling industry, it is the marriage of the world’s love affair with games of chance to a burgeoning technology that provides 3-D digital realism and real time actions. Through this exciting new venue, gamblers can use their credit cards to bet on their favorite games of chance or sporting events, play the lottery, bet on the ponies or almost any other type of wager they can imagine. It’s a tremendous advance in gaming technology and a boon to the travel-weary gambler who need no longer be a victim of distance. Now, that same gambler trapped in Nowheresville can go online, log on to a casino based in Costa Rica and play against gamblers from Africa, Canada, Australia, Greeceā€¦almost anywhere in the world. It’s a virtual melting pot of gamblers, and all are welcome. But despite its seemingly innocuous presence, such convenience as online gambling is not without its pitfalls. While there is an inherent risk involved with anything done online, especially when it involves money and personal information, online gambling has had more than its fair share of scam artists. Illegal sites, “rigged” games or just a casino’s refusal to pay winners has left many a virtual player holding an empty bag. And while the online gambling industry has come along way in just the past few years and is now for the most part reputable and safe, there are always a few sharks swimming around trying to make a meal out of whatever they can.

Because of this, it behooves any would-be Internet gambler to always ensure that their chosen site be beyond reproach. Check out the payout percentages, peruse the Internet forums for first hand descriptions of the site’s accountability to its member-players, and most importantly take the advice of a reputable gambling portal when selecting a site. At Showmecasinos .com, for instance, each of our listed sites are proven safe and reliable, with a long history of professionalism and customer satisfaction. With that, we welcome you to the world of online gambling, and wish you endless hours of gambling entertainment, good fortune and most of all, prosperity.